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The History of Falcon Blueberries

Falcon Blueberries was purchased from John and Jane Koluk by brothers Brandon and Jordon Falcon in July 2015. The original farm, Cedar Lane Blueberries was established in 1983, with the first three acres of highbush blueberries planted. In the coming years, John and Jane expanded the farm to include four varieties of highbush blueberries. Today the farm consists of over 20 acres of blueberry bushes.


Located on Charlotteville Road 7, the farm and barn is visible from the road, between the rows of large cedar trees.



Our Berries


Midseason, productive. Plants are vigorous, erect and fairly hardy. Fruit clusters are small and tight; berries are medium to dark blue, very large, firm, aromatic, with good flavor. Blossoms are reddish and fall leaf color is a medium dark red.


Midseason, productive. Plants are vigorous, upright, open and hardy. Fruit clusters are loose; berries are light blue, large in size, very firm, with a good, slightly tart flavor. Fall leaf color is a medium dark red.


This is the latest ripening berry . The fruit is medium size, firm light blue and has good flavor. The bush is vigorous, upright, winter hardy and productive.



The Blueray is a mid-season berry. The fruit is medium sized with long stems.. The bush is vigorous and upright.

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